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    Thoughts about the 1st Sunday of December


    Can you believe it’s December?

    Yesterday, Ricky preached what i would call a GLOBAL POSITIONING sermon. He challenged us to look at three major ROADS in the Bible.

    From those three roads, JERICHO, CALVARY and DAMASCUS, he discussed major Bible events and happenings on these notable roads.

    From each of these roads, we can see gifts from God…

    JERICHO road was paved with mercy. (here we find the story of the good samaritan)

    CALVARY road was paved with love. (here Jesus tasted death for everyone, paid the price for my sin & because he loved me so)

    DAMASCUS road was paved with awakening. (every once in a while God shows up in our lives. He awakens our recognition to His presence. His light reveals our true condition and provides a plan for returning to salvation. don’t believe it? ask paul.)


    Ray Jimenez, the husband of Brianna Jimenez, is on the MILITARY road to IRAQ. We are giving out “DEFENDING FREEDOM” bracelets to help us remember our deployed troops in prayer, especially our brother in Christ, Ray. We ran out of all 100 bracelets before the day was over. Putting in another order monday morning! We’re wearing our bracelets in support and prayerful expectation of Ray’s safe return from his CALL of DUTY. God bless Ray, Brianna, Cash, their “precious one on the way”.

    SACK THE PULPIT was announced as well. Grocery SACKS with attached grocery lists were handed out to members to fill, and return to the area around the pulpit. Once the pulpit is completely “SACKED”, the youth group will deliver the bags to families in the congregation and the community that may need a little extra help during the Christmas season. This is a great way to help reach new souls, plant the seed, and let our light shine as a caring, giving church. Bags will be available December 6th; take as many as you want and plan to return them full on Sunday, December 20th.

    Our middle school Bible class was about “Being Rich”.  You’d be surprised on the insights some 6-8th graders have about money, riches and wealth.

    We discussed ECCLESIASTES 5 and the fleeting nature of financial gain. We’re all working harder this week to accept and appreciate the things God has blessed us with. We’re working hard to say with 100% truth…


    After Bible class, 18 teenagers packed the van to head to the West 7th Church of Christ Youth Rally, in Columbia, TN. (Mason Capps, Tyler Davis, Shayne Riddle, Hailey Cash, Sarah Fulcher, Christy Lee, Melissa Johnson, Kyeongmee Kim, Kallan Parker, Katy-Chandler Parker, McCay Warren, Morgan Cash, Harrison Capps, John Colt Fulcher, Andrew Johnson, Jackson Kelly, Zac Branson and Hunter Roberts)

    The theme this year was “Tear Down These Walls.” After a time of singing, we heard a challenge from JOE WELLS of FOCUS PRESS… enlightening the tragic state of YOUTH CULTURE today. Homosexuality. Abortion and Premarital sex. We broke off to seperate sessions about dealing with different walls we build to seperate us from God.

    We studied the story of Daniel and the way he kept himself pure against the culture around him.

    CHUCK MORRIS had a GUY’S (MAN’S) SESSION with the boys. He encouraged the boys to STARVE the SUMO of the SEXUAL PROMO in our society. From advertisements, to football sidelines, to trendy girls fashion, to the accessibility of the internet… BOYS are BEING BOMBARDED! It is our responsibility to “KEEP OUR EYES SET STRAIGHT AHEAD” (Solomon’s advice) and to “GUARD OUR HEARTS” (Solomon’s advice) and to “ENJOY LIFE AND COMMITMENT TO ONE WOMAN” (Solomon’s advice)

    Can you guess Solomon’s main source of temptation and problems in life?

    Guys everywhere need to remember when they begin dating… EACH GIRL is one man’s DAUGHTER, and one man’s WIFE or FUTURE WIFE. Boys… Man up! Be MEN. Make a commitment to your WIFE, right now! MARRIED or SINGLE!

    The last session was a LIVE-SKYPE interview with 3 sets of Christian missionaries in India, Peru and Mexico. Hats off to the West 7th congregation on a great youth rally.

    We headed back early to beat icy weather, but it was a great day in the LORD.

    How was your first Sunday in December?

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    "If you guess life ends at death, please consider that Eternity would be a long time to be wrong. I wouldn’t gamble."
    - Rick Warren
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    for the friends that keep you sharp

    for the friends that keep you sharp

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    "I will not trust in RICHES but in Him who RICHLY provides."
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    The Monopoly Life

    Does the name Charles Darrow ring a bell with you? Probably not, but you are familiar with what he did. During the great depression of the early 30s, Mr. Darrow of Germantown, Pennsylvania was an unemployed heating engineer. With plenty of spare time on his hands, he began concocting a new board game which he made and reproduced by hand.


    In 1935, Parker Brothers purchased the game called ‘Monopoly.’ Since that time, more than 90 million Monopoly games have been sold. The object of the game is strictly capitalistic. The more financial gain you achieve, the better your chances of winning.

    This is very much the foundation on which many homes are built today. Everything done is tied to making that next dollar. Often the more lasting, valuable things are pushed aside. The problem with this kind of living is that when you come to the end, you realize you have lost.

    Paul said, ‘For we brought nothing into this world and it is certain we can carry nothing out’ (1 Timothy 6:7). Let’s remember today the really important things and keep our lives in perspective.

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helping parents transfer a spiritual legacy to their children
we need every family IN CHURCH doing this AT HOME!


    helping parents transfer a spiritual legacy to their children

    we need every family IN CHURCH doing this AT HOME!

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    Eggnog latte

    85% of our Christmas shopping got done on BLACK FRIDAY.

    BIG PAPA and GRANDMA BOND and AUNT STACEY were in town to celebrate Thanksgiving. And they all three volunteered to babysit Claire while we took care of our Christmas lists.

    We hit up all the hot spots in the big metropolis of Jackson, TN.

    I love the holidays. I love Christmas. I love starbucks eggnog latte’s. I love family. I love being a dad.

    But most of all…

    I really love spending time with my wife.

    Kaci cracks me up. She ordered a white chocolate mocha, with an extra shot of expresso last night…

    I guess the tired mommy part of her felt the need for the extra kick.

    Funny thing is 2 hours later… she wanted another.

    Here’s to our new adventures in parenthood, and taking in all the caffeine we can get!

    "Enjoy life with the wife you love all the days of your fleeting life." Ecclesiastes 9:9

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    (via bradblog)

SO TRUE. Making sure my wife sees this one!

    (via bradblog)

    SO TRUE. Making sure my wife sees this one!

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